How to get Yahoo Account Key on new phone with the help of installed Yahoo App on old phone?

You can access your mail account without entering any password using the Account Key. The Account Key can be used only once. It is meant for only one-time use.

In case you’ve purchased a new phone and you still have the access of your old phone. You can use the key generated on your old phone and then enter it on your new phone.  So follow the given set of instructions to access your Yahoo! Incase you find any difficulty call yahoo customer supportAccount key from your old phone to your new phone.

  1. Install the code generating Yahoo! App on your new phone like you had on your old phone.
  2. Open the Application and Tap on Sign-in
  3. Enter your username and the password in the required fields.
  4. Click on Continue
  5. Enter the account key when asked for.
  6. Now refer to your old phone and tap Account Key icon
  7. The page opened will show the account key.
  8. Enter this Key on new phone and click on Sign in
  9. Your new phone will not receive the account key notifications just like your old phone.
  10. Sign out from your Yahoo! App from your old phone to use your old phone again.

How To Get Yahoo Account Key on New Phone

Enable Account key on Android / iOS

Before you can make use of Account Key for your Yahoo account, you need to set it up in the Yahoo application.


  1. Open the Yahoo Mail app or other apps that support Account Key.
  2. Tap on the Profile Image.
  3. Tap on the Account Key icon.
  4. Tap Continue.
  5. Tap “send me an account key”.
  6. Tap yes, and then tap “now let’s try “no”.
  7. Tap no and then tap “got it!”.
  8. Tap on “Yes, enable Account Key”.
  9. Tap “great, got it!”.

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How To Get Yahoo Account Key on New Phone