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How To Create Folders to Organize Messages in Yahoo! Mail

In order to keep your inbox organized and decluttered, you can use the Folders available with Yahoo! Mail. The best part is that you can create, rename and delete the folders depending on your need. So in order to know how to create, rename and delete Folders in Yahoo! Mail, continue reading the post till the end. Incase you find any difficulty call yahoo customer support.

Below we have mentioned the steps to create, rename and delete Folders in Yahoo! Mail.


Access Your Folders

Your folders are available in a list in the left navigation column. To access them:

  1. To expand the list of your folders, click on the arrow given next to ‘Folders’. The collapsed list will show the right-pointed arrow and the expanded list will show the down arrow button.
  2. Click on the folder name to expand the folder and view the emails stored in that particular folder.

Manage Your Folders

You can manage your folders very easily in Yahoo! mail. In order to manage your folders:

To Add a Folder:

  1. On the left menu, click on ‘folders’ and then click ‘new folder icon’.
  2. Enter the name you want.
  3. Press enter to save your folder.


To Delete a Folder:

  1. Right click on the folder on the left navigation pane. If you have a Mac device, control-click the folder.
  2. Click ‘delete folder’.

To Rename Folder

  1. Right click on the folder which you want to rename. In the case of Mac, control-click on folder.
  2. Click ‘Rename Folder.
  3. By doing this you will see that the folder name has become editable.
  4. Enter the new name of the folder.
  5. Press enter to save the new name.

To Move Emails to a Folder

  1. Open the email you want to move.
  2. Click ‘move’.
  3. The folder list will be opened.
  4. Choose the destination folder.
  5. Your folder will be moved.

Add a Subfolder

  1. Right click on the folder to which you want to add the subfolder. In the case of Mac, control-click the folder.
  2. Click ‘Create subfolder’.
  3. Enter the name for your subfolder.
  4. Press enter to save the subfolder.
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