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When you want reliable navigation equipment that costs less, then TomTom GPS navigation device is a best choice. The company offers several GPS devices including Car GPS, navigation device for Scooter, Motorcycle, also it provides navigation apps for smartphones and more.  With TomTom Global Positioning System (GPS) device, you’ll never get lost as it offers you complete navigational information along with your location.

The company regularly reveals new updates and hence users keep getting new TomTom GPS update, which help them access to up to date navigational information. TomTom maps offers various information including traffic data, traveling and more. Moreover, with easy access to various updates you can quickly and easily get required TomTom GPS updates. Also, you can conveniently get access to TomTom free map update following a few steps. We’ll provide a complete information regarding TomTom GPS update also provide details regarding TomTom GPS free updates. If you are looking for TomTom one update then you can also check for it on our website.

How to get started with TomTom GPS device?

Once you purchase a new GPS device from the company then you need to get start by registering your device with TomTom. After registration, you can ready to use your device. For TomTom get started you require to go to the official site -> click support -> click ‘set up your product’, then select the product and category and follow further steps.

TomTom services  

The company offers several services some of the service are listed below:

Map share:

It’s a proprietary map technology started in 2007 by the company which allows users to make changes to the maps on TomTom navigation devices they own. In addition, users can also share the maps with others.

Traffic monitoring service called TomTom Traffic:

This service provides appropriate traffic information by using multiple sources. The service gives information on the basis of Governmental or third-party sources and information provided by anonymous phone users.

TomTom Live services:

This service is available on the GO 940 LIVE which enable users to get updates over mobile network. Moreover, services include local search with Google, fuel prices, safety alerts, HD traffic.

TomTom Plus:

this service includes fee-based alert services which provide weather updates, warn users about speed cameras, provide traffic alerts and change voices. Presently, the fees are for the European countries only.

TomTom XXL and XL update

TomTom has provided different models including low-cost XXL and XL models that are available with amazing features. Moreover, these units are equipped with one of the best features to navigate outdoor, new places and so on. The GPS unit comes with a comparatively large touch screen, USB port, speaker, Lithium-ion battery (internal). Further, TomTom XXL update lets you upgrade GPS software on your device. Also, you can get instant TomTom XL update to get new map and software updates.

Get TomTom Update free

With TomTom GPS system, you can easily navigate and find your path. Further, these GPS provides you with your proper location and guides you through turn by turn driving. Further, any changes in roads or paths may become a roadblock to your excursions. But with periodic updates that are available with the TomTom software and GPS maps help you track all road changes. Such latest upgrades are available free for the users. So, you can avail TomTom update free as well as paid to get latest navigational information. Apart from this you can also get TomTom XXL update to obtain the latest navigational information on your device.

The company is a popular player in the field of mapping which offers TomTom GPS update with new maps regularly to meet the requirements of the users for accurate navigation. If any new TomTom maps update are available within the 90 days of first using your navigation equipment. Then you can easily download the new TomTom map updates free. Further, TomTom map updates lets you obtain new maps at a cheaper cost. Apart from this if you are finding answers to questions like how to update my TomTom Sat Nav, how to update my TomTom free online and how to update my TomTom lifetime maps then browse our site for related articles.

Below are the simple steps for updating TomTom GPS device for free:  

Step 1.

First run the TomTom HOME software, from the “Start” menu in your Windows system or “Applications” folder on your Mac. In case you haven’t yet installed TomTom HOME on your system then simply visit the official Web page to download and install it for free. You can also check for My TomTom download on the website to get appropriate downloads.

Step 2.

Next you need to connect your TomTom device to PC. Connection methods are different for different devices. Generally, you can use your device’s syncing cable to connect the device to your PC through an open USB port. If you’re sure then consult user manual of the device.

Step 3.

After this simply click on the “Update my device” icon colored gray found at the top of the TomTom HOME software screen. Now the software will look for an update of device’s software and maps through company’s online server. If updates are available you’ll find a list with the available updates.

Step 4.

As soon as you find available updates you can simply click on “Update and Install.” After this the software will download and install all the updates on your device by the software. Wait until TomTom HOME software complete the updates.

Step 5.

Finally, after updating your devices now disconnect it. Disconnect the device click on “Devices” found on the top of TomTom HOME screen then choose “Disconnect Device” from drop-down menu. And at last unplug the device from syncing cable.

TomTom GPS Update with “MyDrive Connect”

Following the simple steps for updating device with TomTom mydrive connect:

  • First, visit MyDrive download page then click on the “Download Now” button.
  • Next click on the “Save File” option further save the file to any preferred location or on computer’s desktop. Once the download finishes then simply double-click on the My TomTom icon from the download location. Next click on “Run.”
  • You’ll find a page showing license agreement click on the option next to “I Agree,” after this click “Install.”
  • With the help of supplied USB cable connect your sat nav to your computer system, MyDrive Connect will run automatically. Once the My TomTom application finds any update it’ll notify you.
  • After this a new screen will appear then you can log in and choose updates you want to download.
  • Finally, disconnect your device from computer once the update is complete.

Note: My TomTom application is available for certain devices including the GO 2000 series, GO LIVE series, Sony XNV, TomTom Connect, VIA series and Blue&Me TomTom 2. For other devices, you can use TomTom HOME.

Maps aren’t always free, you may need to purchase the updates. In case you have purchased a TomTom device available with a lifetime map updates, then you can get map updates up to four times a year using My TomTom or TomTom HOME. If your device is eligible, then you’ll receive these updates when you connect your device to the computer and launch the TomTom software.

If any problem in tomtom gps don’t hesitate to contact our tomtom customer support service.