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Established in 1996 as Hotmail by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia, Outlook.Com is one of the leading webmail service that has billions of users across the globe.

The service is provided by Microsoft and it is the second popular web mail service after Gmail. It is headquartered in Sunnyvale but it was based in California.

The webmail services were acquired by the Microsoft giants in the year 1997 against an estimated sum of 400 million dollars. And the Microsoft launched this application as MSN Hotmail. At that time, it was the world’s largest webmail service.

With the gradual advancement in the technology and to meet the new demands of customers. Microsoft brought several changes in its webmail service. The last version of this webmail service came in five years back in 2011. And after which it launched in the year 2013.

Hotmail Features

The design of the almost mimics the interface of Microsoft Outlook. Its main features include calendar, OneDrive, Skype and Office Online.

It was in May 2015, when first time Microsoft Outlook team announced first update to make it compatible with new Office 365.

It enables the synchronization of the files, folders and the calendar items.

Moreover, you have the options available to work in both online and offline modes. You just need to set ‘Cached Exchange Mode’. This mode creates backup of your data in the

You are supposed to set ‘Cached Exchange Mode’ in the ‘on’ status for this. It will help in keeping the files’ backup in .OST format.

Hotmail Support/ Helpline services

Though the service works more smoothly than many other webmail services, but there are some issues which trouble Hotmail users mostly because of the ignorance and lack of knowledge. This site has been created to provide you the support to fix those issues in time. So, that you are able to access the service more smoothly.

Common Microsoft Outlook issues

We have a very efficient team of experienced Software engineers who are expert in resolving the above-mentioned Hotmail issues in no time. They can provide any kind of technical assistance to the users.

Some of the common issues faced by the Microsoft Outlook users are as follows

  • Issues with Signup and Login
  • Problems in the updating and the setup glitches
  • Problems that occur when you configure your Microsoft Outlook with the other webmail accounts
  • Problems which occur when you import .PST files to the Outlook.
  • Issues both in the outgoing and the incoming emails
  • Sometimes Hotmail users face difficulties in the organization of Address book, emails, files, calendars and contacts.
  • Issues may occur when you set MS Outlook alerts.
  • Problems may also occur when you try to introduce antispyware/ antispam installation in the MS Outlook.


Why Hotmail Support Services

The service remains open for 24/7 hours. Give a call to our helpline number… anytime from anywhere. Our team of experts will establish remote connection with your computer and resolve your problem.

We provide support to our customers in the following areas: 

  1. Support for Windows 2013
  2. Phone service
  3. Chat Support
  4. You can access the help section of our site to seek technical help. Everything is explained in detail there.
  5. Email support


Hotmail Support Numbers

  1. +1-866-688-6581: USA NUMBER
  2. +1-866-688-6581: CA NUMBER
  3. 6-136 349 1276: AU customer care number
  4. 441722446140: UK customer care number
Hotmail Customer Care Number (TOLL-FREE) 1-866-688-6581
Service Type
Hotmail Customer Care Number (TOLL-FREE) 1-866-688-6581
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Hotmail Customer Care Number (TOLL-FREE) 1-866-688-6581