GMX Mail Customer Care Toll Free Support Services

Before telling you about our support services, we will give you a brief introduction about GMX Mail.

A brief introduction to GMX Mail

GMX Company provides multiple number of services to its users with its email service. Some of the services it provides include File Storage, Address Book and the mail collector etc.
You can register up to maximum 10 email addresses and access them via POP3, IMAP4 and of course webmail.
GMX has more than 11 million users across the world and this number is increasing steadily. It is expected to touch 15 million by the end of year 2017.

GMX Mail Customer care Toll Free support services

GMX Mail Customer care provides user assistance to resolve issued related to his/her GMX email account. The problems can be many.  Sometimes you are unable to login to your account and sometimes you fail to send or receive emails in your inbox.

You can let us know when you need our help. And our team of qualified engineers will try to solve your GMX email related issues instantly.

We are available 24/7 to give you the better email account handling solutions. You will be provided every kind of desired assistance.

Further 800 support, toll-free number 1-866-688-6581 assurances you continuous working. Not only this, but also, you will have technical assistance for GMX at 1-866-688-6581. So, all you need is to dial GMX mail helpline 1-866-688-6581 now to have unlimited customer support for GMX. GMX call number is toll-free 1-866-688-6581.

GMX helpline services

Our Toll Free support services include:

1. Email Assistance 24/7 by our technical support team.

2. Signup  issues

3. Toll Free helpline numbers

4. Password reset helpline number.

5. Support for creating strongest passwords

6. Helpline number to resolve sign in problems

7.  Resolving ‘Email attachments unsuccessful’ error.

8. Assistance in recovering security questions for GMX Customer mail Account.

9. Technical support to Secure GMX mail.

10. Online email, chat support and Community page.

11. How to disable mail settings in least possible time.

12. To solve the mail bugs.

How we help our customers?

We help GMX users in resolving most complex email errors. We have a team of team of qualified technicians who are in this field from last 15 years. GMX Customer care resolves following GMX email errors and issues.

1. We at GMX Customer care support help users when they face errors like ‘unable to send or receive emails’.

2. We provide them the assistance for filtering junk and emails.

3. Our technicians help you in solving password related issues. We tell you the process how to retrieve the lost or forgotten password of your GMX account.

4. We also tell you how to create a more secure password for your email account.

5. There are issues like you are unable to sign in, your account has been blocked or hacked by hackers.

6. You may face problems while configuring your email account, unable to create backup or to restore data and various other issues.

7.  When you fail to synchronize your GMX account with other devices.

8.  We also tell you how to sign up for GMX email service.

Why GMX Mail Customer Support service only?

We are available for you 24×7/365 days. So you can contact us in the hour of need and get exquisite Gmx mail technical support

For GMX Mail Technical Support Call : 1-866-688-6581

GMX Mail Specialties

Some of the specialties of GMX ad email service are as follows

a) It does not believe in 2 factor authentication, but has its own Multi-factor authentication rule to safeguard the accounts of its users.

b) It is available in Spanish, French and English languages

c) The email storage capacity is 1.5 GB

d) File storage capacity 1-2 GB.

e) And the attachment limit is 50 MB.

f) Your account is deactivated if it remains inactive for more than 6 months.

g) It supports POP3,  SMTP and IMAP4

h) The Maximum folder level is 3 and 2 for Webmail and IMAP respectively.

i) You can share files via its drag and drop feature. It has a tremendous file sharing capability. And it provides spam and virus protection.

j) You have three choices to register with GMX mail. The choices,, And you have the freedom to add maximum 10 add-on addresses at various GMX domains.

k) Its mail collector collects emails from almost all free webmail services including Hotmail, Gmail, Live and Yahoo. Not just this, you can even send emails from these webmail services.

l) And you can manage multiple email accounts from GMX.

m) You can become part of its community page and seek answers to your queries and questions related to GMX email.