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Garmin Map Latest Update

A GPS device is only effective, when it shows maps in an easily understandable manner. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are using the newest, and the most accurate map data before hitting the road. So, to this article is here just to provide you information about Garmin Update.

Over a few past years the task of Garmin Update is becoming very easy, as the company has efficient for Garmin map update process, and access point. Although, the updating process of Garmin maps is becoming little complex, because using many devices for many activities.

So, by reading this article thoroughly you will get all you issue solved related to Garmin Update.

Steps to update Garmin Maps:

Step 1:

Firstly, purchase your Garmin map updates. Garmin website is providing an option to purchase Garmin map update, hence you can purchase from there. It offers two basic choices: a one-time upgrade or a lifetime purchase. In lifetime purchase, you will get access to any new updates until your device is in working condition, whereas in a one-time upgrade you will get the latest current maps. In one-time purchase, if you want to update it again, then you will have to purchase it again.

  • You can only upgrade the preloaded maps on your device. For instance, if your Garmin Nuvi comes preloaded with North American maps, then you can’t update to a Europe map.
  • Please, ensure log in to your myGarmin account before purchasing Garmin map update. You can make a myGarmin account during the checkout process for free.
  • In the event, you need to access free maps, you can access community-made maps from OpenStreetMap.

Step 2:

Now, you will have to connect your Garmin map to your PC via USB cable. Then, Garmin maps update will be done via your computer. To do so, you can utilize any Mini USB cable for connecting your device to your PC.

You will have to wait for your Garmin device to boot up, specified by the progress box on the Garmin Nuvi’s display.

Step 3:

Further, you will have to open the “myGarmin” website, afterward sign in to Garmin account. Please, ensure to sign in with your account which was used for purchasing map updates.

Step 4:

Then, you will need to click on “myMaps” tab mentioned in the myGarmin dashboard. In this way, it will show a list of all your purchased map updates.

Step 5:

Further, you will have to click on the drop-down menu in the “Recent Map Purchases” option. Then, you have to choose your Garmin Nuvi from list of devices.

Step 6:

You have to install Garmin Communicator Plugin when appears. This is necessary for the Garmin website to load the map files into your Garmin software on your PC.

The plugin is not compatible with Google Chrome. You must use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

Step 7:

Now, you have to download and install Garmin Express. This program allows your PC for interacting with the Garmin Nuvi.

In case, you don’t get any prompted automatically to install Garmin Express, at that point you can get it.

Step 8:

You have to register the device in the Garmin Express. If you didn’t register your PC, you’ll be redirected to when you begin Garmin Express.

Step 9:

Tap on “Updates” option in Garmin Express. And, you will get all available updates for your Garmin Nuvi, together with the new map update you just obtained.

Step 10:

Tap on “Show Details” tab next to Map Update. Then, you will have to tap on “Install” option, appears on the screen. Afterward, accept the agreement before installing Garmin update.

Step 11:

Now, you will require waiting till maps download and install. As you click on agree to the terms, then map update will start to download to Garmin Express and it will transfer these updates to your Garmin Nuvi. It might take a few minutes.

Step 12:

Lastly, you have to close Garmin Express and unplug the Garmin when the update is over. The Garmin Nuvi will restart, and start installing the updated software. It also might consume your several minutes.

But for several map choices, particularly international street maps outside those you have purchased with your unit, you will require paying.

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