Verizon, NFL to soon announce Digital Streaming Deal

According to the sources, the largest United States’ wireless carrier, Verizon Communications Inc. may soon announce a deal with the NFL (National Football League) for digital streaming rights. Once the deal is finalized, Verizon would get the right to broadcast the games to the internet connected smartphones, TVs, and tablets. It will be an expansion of the previous contract that limits Verizon to broadcast the contents on screens with sizes 7-inches or smaller – mainly on phones. But the new contract will enable the carrier to allow the subscribers to access the games on all gadgets including big screen televisions, ...
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Research: World Golf GPS Market 2017-22 Garmin, TomTom, GolfBuddy, Bushnell, Callaway Golf, Izzo Golf

The report named world Golf GPS research Report by Management, Segmentation, price Structure, Strategy makers 2017-2022 is accomplice in-depth and a document that provides a broad summary of the market of the world Golf GPS. A market research backed the “Golf GPS Market”, recently admitted to the repository of study, is named ‘Global Golf GPS Market 2017′. The Reportsbuzz's analysis report is a technical, business and market-oriented analysis of the Golf GPS market. However, the research is ended employing a huge choice of secondary sources, directories and information bases so as to place and gather data of the market. Primary ...
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Get Quick TomTom Customer Service for TomTom Navigation

TomTom Customer Service is always present with you whenever you're on your journey. No matter, how far you are from your home, you'll always find the TomTom Support near to you whenever you face any issue. The main job of TomTom Navigation device is to provide accurate route and location to the user. Moreover, TomTom offers varied devices for cars, motorcycle, truck, and in-dash navigation for update. Since technical issues are inevitable, therefore, you can face issues with any of these devices. Find the common situations when a user needs support from TomTom Customer Service? While using TomTom navigation system, ...
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Is Garmin Edge 1030 cycling computer worth buying or not?

Is Garmin Edge 1030 cycling computer worth buying or not?

Garmin has the tendency to add more and more features to its GPS devices which enable it to hold the rank one among all the GPS device providers. That’s why each new models of Garmin GPS come with extensive features and one such example is the new Garmin Edge 1030 cycling computer – a device that can be mounted on a bicycle and available in a big size and loaded with features. Design and features of the device The Garmin Edge 1030 cycling computer has a smooth case and it’s futuristically well-designed. Also, it is very attractive because of its black & ...
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Some Common Issues with Yahoo Mail and How to Fix Them

Some Common Issues with Yahoo Mail and How to Fix Them ?

Sometimes when you are using Yahoo! mail, you face some problems that can make your e-mailing experience really annoying. Here are some common problems that can spoil your mailing experience and their fixes : Forgot Password ? The most common problem is the users forgetting their account password. In this case, users need to rest their account password. To do so, follow these steps :
  • Open Yahoo! Sign In page
  • Click ‘Difficulty Signing in?’ button to redirect to the verification page
  • Choose from the three recovery options, i.e. sign-in email address or mobile number, recovery email address and recovery ...
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Steps to configure netgear router for cable internet connection

Steps to Configure Netgear Router for Cable Internet Connection using Smart Wizard

This article provides you the instructions to configure your Netgear router for broadband and cable Internet connection, using a smart wizard. To configure your router using smart wizard, follow the steps given below :
  1. Establish a connection between the router and the Netgear modem, and connect the modem to your computer system using a LAN cable plugged in any of the four LAN ports of the modem.
  2. Switch ON the modem, router and the computer and wait for them to boot up.
  3. Open any web browser and enter the router's IP address i.e. or and press Enter.
  4. ...
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Steps to Remove Your Netflix Account from a Device when Someone’s Trying to Access It

Sometimes, we face the problem of not being able to sign-in to our own Netflix account because someone else is trying to access it. This problem is caused when you forget to sign out of your account after accessing it from someone else's device, and then they are trying to access it without your permission. However, this issue can be easily resolved by removing your account from other devices. So, how to do that? You can easily remove your account from other devices by deactivating your account. But just remember a few points before you try to deactivate your Netflix ...
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TomTom Announces Offering Easy Access to Online APIs to Developers

TomTom, one of the leading providers of traffic data and maps has recently made an announcement of updated developer portal. It includes the enhancement of product offering and pricing model to integrate Online APIs of TomTom in an easy manner. Many developers from the large array of startups and enterprises already make use of TomTom's  SDKs and APIs for the internet of things (IoT) like logistics and vehicle tracking, and artificial intelligence. On daily basis, free allowances of 2,500 transactions, access to Online APIs along with full documentation as well as sign-up is easily available at TomTom Online APIs Developer Portal ...
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Simple Steps to Update Garmin Nuvi Device

Before hitting the road, you would need to keep the maps up-to-date on your Garmin Nuvi GPS unit so that you won't get lost while you're on a journey. If you have a lifetime membership or purchased map update, you can easily download the map updates via Garmin Express software. In case, you prefer free of any charge maps, you can utilize open source maps from Open Street Map. To update your maps, there are two different methods. Continue reading further to know their stepwise instructions. Method 1: Official Garmin Map Updates
  1. Purchase the map updates
It is possible ...
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How to view Xbox purchase history?

If you find any charge on your credit card or bank details that you don’t identify. Then, by signing in to your Microsoft account, you can easily check the Xbox purchase history online to verify the charge. Note: If you go online to view the purchase history for Xbox, then for this you must enter your Microsoft account e-mail address & password. In case you forgot your account and password then go to the Lost Account Help page to get help regarding account recovery. Also, go to the Lost Password Help page for help regarding password recovery. Follow below steps to view purchase ...
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